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Pandora is a radio app that provides music to its users who can create as many radio stations as they desire and rate each song that they come into contact with.

The rise of Pandora brings a music revolution

What is music? Millions try to find the answer to that question and end up concluding that music is the result of one voicing the words that cannot be expressed in any other way. With that being said, mankind has always experienced these feelings, which could never be translated into words. The ability to keep track of them was something that came to fruition in the 20th century. Since that time, hundreds of millions of songs have been produced and nobody can keep track of those songs. Millions either miss certain songs, forget songs, or cannot find the song they are seeking, which is a problem that is being corrected. The correction is being handled by music aficionados that are in charge of “Pandora.”

Pandora Radio program

How Pandora One Radio works

Pandora is a radio app that provides music to its users. A user is provided with music that suits their needs, from AC-DC to Taylor Swift and everything in between. Additionally, a user can create as many stations as they desire and rate each song that they come into contact with. In other words, a user can simply define their music interests by artist and seek out their musical interests based on that artist.

Nothing remains the same

Artists acquire certain musical traits from those that preceded them, which essentially means that as music develops it never truly redefines itself. For example, a user could enjoy the Rolling Stones. Pandora would create a station that would likely be identified as “the Rolling Stones” station. From that point Pandora would play music from all artists that identify with the musical style of the Rolling Stones. So that means that Pandora would recognize the fact that the Rolling Stones were heavily influenced by Muddy Waters and play music from that artist. Additionally, it would pick up on the fact that this style identifies with the blues, which stretches all the way back to the 1960’s.

10 out of 10

Pandora is often given a ten out ten for its ability to represent the entire musical spectrum. First, it is important to note that Pandora learns from the users musical choice and feedback. For example, a user could join “Lil Wayne radio.” From that point, the user would be presented with songs that identify with the style of Lil Wayne. The system would learn based on the songs skipped by the user and the thumbs up or thumbs down given by the user. This translates into the next positive, which is the fact that the service represents the entirety of a certain genre. In the previously mentioned example, the system would recognize the feedback that it is receiving from the user. If the user was giving negative feedback then the system would produce songs that were diverse from Lil Wayne, but also still in his genre of music.


“What is the catch?”

The question millions of people have when they hear about Pandora Radio is something along the lines of “What is the catch?” Well, there is a catch, but it is not as significant as one might expect it to be. A program cannot continuously play music all day long. If such a system existed there would be absolutely no competition. Everyone would just listen to that station. Pandora is often viewed in a negative light because it has commercials and a certain number of songs it can play in a particular period of time. A user may subscribe to a particular station and listen to that station for one hour. Throughout that time, the user will likely be subject to 3-5 commercials, which are essentially the promotions that pay for the service.

The other so-called “con” of Pandora comes from the limited amount songs that can be listened to in a particular time period. A user could listen to songs without skipping songs and never endure this problem, but once a user attempts to skip too many song they are stopped and told they can no longer skip songs. This is the result of the financial aspect of Pandora Radio. They can not play unlimited songs and continue to stay in business.

Some worth mention is the fact that the service is available only in U.S., Australia and New Zealand. If you are not in one of these countries better give Spotify a chance or try to download Ultrasurf and hope it will proxy your ip to a US one.

Final Verdict on Pandora One

The gray area of Pandora Radio comes from the price aspect of it. A user can pay 3.99 per month and receive unlimited songs and no commercials. Essentially this means that the pros stay, while the cons are abolished. It all boils down to 4 dollars per month. Overall the program is adored by the majority of users. The only downside is the previously mentioned commercials and song limit. The question may ask themselves is “Do I want to pay 4 dollars for the best music service available?’ In the end, they likely will end up saying yes, but it all depends on whether someone has the money or not.


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